Xtreme Dodgeball



Xtreme Dodgeball is an multiplayer arena game in which players fight it out across multiple rounds of Dodgeball with random game modes and ball types like: mini-mode, hyper-mode, bomb ball, goo ball, etc.



  • Prototyped the player shooting

  • Designed/Implemented in-game menus

  • Modeled the 3D characters in the game

  • Modeled the 3D props and arenas

  • Generated all the character animations

  • Set-up the character animation tree in mechanim

  • Collected playtesting data, and organized it across 3 reports during development

Fact Sheet

Platform:           Windows PC

Genre:               Arena Multiplayer

Team:                The Kirthi Experience

Team Size:

Members:          Will Lanoie

                          Jason Zhu

                          Javier Quintero

Development:   June 2014 - April 2015



Unity 4