The Adventures of Sake 3D

(Work in progress)

Project Concept

The Adventures of Sake 3D is a task and exploration platformer in which the main character Sake the dog travels from planet to planet completing missions and looking for special items to stop the evil space pirates. The game will focus in creating a mood of discovery and adventure.



Inspired by my previous projects Sake and Sake & Kai: Space Rangers (2d Platformers) for this game I want to build a 3D platformer using the same characters and “universe”.


My objective is to build a bite-size experience that resembles early games in the genre like Super Mario 64 and Banjo & Kazooie, where the player explore small worlds where they look for special items, collectibles and complete simple taks/missions.

Fact Sheet

Platform:           Windows PC

Genre:               3D platformer

Solo Project:

Development:   Jan 2016 - present

Release date:    April 2016   



Unreal 4