National Center for the Arts (CENART)

VR and Videogame Laboratory

Game Designer

Diversity Game Jam in conjunction with the General Coordination of Intercultural and Bilingual Education

  • Helped with the organization and planning

  • Supported the participants during the event

  • Took part in the game jam and collaborated with a small team to create a prototype about challenging our cultural bias and stereotypes

VR Experimentation Project

  • Research and exploration of the artistic, narrative and educational capabilities of Virtual Reality

  • Developed a series of small prototypes for the Samsumg Gear VR 

Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Experimentation and Innovation with Videogames and Interactive Art ( LEIVA 2018 )

  • Together with the other organizing members, I helped selecting the participants from a pool of candidates

  • Prepared and presented a week-long introductory Game Design workshop

  • Provided support to my colleagues during the introductory Videogame Programming workshop

  • Monitored the progress of 8 teams during the 2 months of development

  • I got directly involved in the development of one of the team projects

  • Helped with the set-up of the exhibit where the final projects of the laboratory were showcased

Global Game Jam 2019


  • Provided support to the Multimedia Center Jam Site

  • Helped with participant registration, and the initial presentation of the Jam

  • Monitored the participants of the Jam during the 2 days of development

  • Participated in the Jam along with the rest of the Videogame Laboratory members, creating a small game prototype

04/2018  -  Present


Unity Developer

Short VR experience for a movie IP

(Unity 2017 | HTC Vive)

  • Implemented the player interactions in VR in Unity using the SteamVR and VRTK plugins

  • Implemented the Unity side communication to a database to store and retrieve information

  • Assisted the art team to import the assets correctly into the Unity engine

  • Collaborated with the design team to implement the User Interface of the application

Short VR experience to promote tourism in Mexico

(Unity 2017 | HTC Vive)

  • Improve the graphic quality of the previous iteration of the project

  • Implemented the player interactions and navigation in VR in Unity using the SteamVR and VRTK plugins 

  • Collaborated with the design team to improve the overall user experience of the application

Internal Game Jam (Unity 2017)

  • Collaborated a small team to create a mobile multiplayer game

  • Collaborated to finalize the game design of the prototype

  • Implemented a simple gesture recognition mechanic for the game

  • Along with another programmer implemented the communication between players

  • Assisted the artist in our team to import the 3D assets into the engine

Mobile AR prototype app to promote a movie IP

(Unity 2017 | Vuforia)

  • Tested the AR functionality with mock-up prototype markers

  • Implemented a small interaction with the augmented model

  • Included screenshot and sharing functionality

  • Created temporary assets for the UI and collaborated with the design team to define the final look & feel

  • Implemented the final UI elements provided by the design team to give the prototype a more polished look

9/2017  -  11/2017

Bismuto Estudio

Freelance Illustrator

Collaborated to the creation of an animated short with a few illustrations

  • First experience as an illustrator

  • Adapted to the established art style for the animation

  • Iterated on the illustrations based on feedback from the director

  • Animated short: Normal


Zero Playtesting, LLC

Game Designer

Collaborated in the development of a game to be released on Steam

  • Designed company Logo

  • Designed company website

  • Created character and UI concept art

  • Created character 3D model

  • Designed and implemented a prototype level

  • Created promotional art for social media

  • Edited an early prototype video trailer

10/2016  -  04/2017

8th Shore, Inc.

Game Designer

​VR Real Estate Demo

  • Collaborated creating simple physics interactions using Unreal Engine 4 and the HTC Vive Headset

VR Game Prototype (Santa Sling)

  • Prepared a pitch document for a small VR game

  • Implemented a simple custom interaction system using Unity 5 game engine and the HTC Vive Headset

  • Developed initial game concept to a playable prototype

08/2016  -  10/2016








Unreal 4


Level Design

















DigiPen Institute of Technology

B.A. in Game Design

Sept 2012  -  April 2016

Redmond, WA

Monterrey Institute of Technology

and Higher Education

B.S. in Computer Science and


Aug 2007  -  Dec 2011

Mexico, D.F