Project X

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Project Concept

Project codename X is third-person hack/slash game prototype in which the player will go through a series of rooms in a procedural generated dungeon. The game will focus on delivering a smooth and satisfying combat experience.



The main inspirations for this project are Heavenly Sword for the combat system and Binding of Isaac for the procedural generated dungeon part of it. The sword combat itself its inspired by old Samurai warriors who used both a long and short swords. 


The combat system will be driven by the different combinations of combos the player will be able to execute as well as a parrying system. The game will try to deliver the fantasy of being an expert swordsman who can take on many enemies at once.

Fact Sheet

Platform:           Windows PC

Genre:               3rd person Hack & Slash

Solo Project:

Development:   Jan 2016 - present

Release date:    April 2016   



Unreal 4